The Loneliest Street in Baltimore

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Last Sunday, after I watched the Navy’s Blue Angels perform over Fort McHenry, I found myself stranded at the end of Frankfurst Ave. I had spent the afternoon aboard Pride of Baltimore II, and after we docked I called for a ride via Uber. Unfortunately, the Uber driver decided not to wait for a train crossing some tracks up the street. And, since I’d been out on the water for a few hours, my phone was dead.

I eventually walked about 2 miles to a gas station. I managed to convince the clerk to call me a cab, and I made my way home.

But yeah, Frankfurst Ave: don’t ever get stranded, because there’s nothing out there.

Fund Cystic Fibrosis Research, Win a Baltimore Print

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Did you miss out on a print during my Silver City show? Well, here’s a chance to get one while making a difference for people living with cystic fibrosis.

Katharine Scrivener is one such individual. Katharine is one of Meredith’s colleagues at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and this month she’s celebrating her 30th birthday. Katherine says this is actually a pretty big deal:

“When I was born in 1984, the life expectancy of someone with CF was just 25…”

While the celebration is warranted, she’s not just throwing a party — she’s raising research money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. As of this writing, Katherine is $1,675 away from reaching her goal of $15,000.

To help Katherine, I’m donating a choice of print to one lucky person who donates to Katharine’s campaign. You can learn the details about the giveaway here, and see below for the prints available.