So Archon and I went camping last week. We spent two nights, three days in the wilderness. Yeah, we had water, meat, tents, firewood, marshmallows, and alcohol, but I still like to say we were roughing it. For the most part, we just sat and chatted. However, there was occasion to discuss more important things than the sheer number of times this one woman made trips to the bathroom out there.

So, Archon let me know he was interested in doing some, I guess philosophical, writing. I think he’s going to be exploring some social aspects, but that’s as much as I’m going to tell you for now. We discussed a few things in depth, and came to the conclusion that we would both be writing a piece, and then posting at the same time. We’ll see how our respective arguments develop, and whether or not they’ll conflict with or corroborate each other. This also means that this web site will have its first article up soon. Stay tuned.

I’ve been jamming out to two CDs my sister sent me recently. Jack Johnson’s On and On and Zwan’s Mary Star of the Sea. I’m working on reviews of each, but you have to promise not to be too harsh. I’ve never reviewed music before, so don’t flame me too badly my first couple of tries, OK?

Also, and I promise I’m not trying to fill up space in this blog entry with stuff I posted on the main page, but Archon and I have been playing Black Hawk Down lately. If you’re a fan of FPS games, I highly recommend it if you don’t mind multiplayer games. Check out my full review for more info.

My sister will be graduating from the Journalism School at Northwestern this summer, and I’m planning on attending. Heck, who am I to pass up a trip to Chicago, especially for an occasion such as this? Exactly, I’m nobody to do such a thing. What this means, however, is that we’ll have limited posts on this site while I’m away. I may get the occasional front page post up, but from June 17 through the first week of July, don’t expect much.

Not that I have a tremendous readership anyway… but for those 3 or 4 of you out there, I’m sorry.

OK, I’m not going to spend too much time on this blog entry, since I have an article and three reviews to write, while also spending my requisite 5 hours nightly playing Black Hawk Down. Yeah Mom, that one was aimed squarely at you!


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Well, I guess it has been a few weeks, so it must be high time for another blog entry. Tomorrow’s my birthday as well, so I probably won’t get around to writing if I don’t do it now. But, what to write about? The fishing line that was strung across the street last week that almost took me off my bike? The Matrix: Reloaded? Catching up with old friends? Why not all three?

Tuesday afternoon, I was biking around town. I visited one grandma, then another, and then went over to my mom’s place to work on the yard. I was riding down Silver St. and suddenly “THWACK!!” At first I didn’t know what was going on, I had been jerked back, I felt something snap, and then I was moving again.

Once my head cleared, I realized what had happened: somebody strung a piece of fishing line across the road. As I was riding down, it close-lined me at the neck and, fortunately, snapped. It left this nice red line across the base of my neck. I filed a police report, but they said they couldn’t really do anything. Which makes sense.

The Matrix: Reloaded. Where to start? My sister watched it on Wednesday, and I went to see it on Thursday. Now, Aislinn is usually a good sounding board for a movie, and I like to think I fit that bill for her as well. Generally, we tend to like the same movies. Which, I’ll add, is not something I expected would happen when we were growing up.

Regardless, I spoke with her on Thursday afternoon before I went to see the flick. She was really reserved, and didn’t want to talk about it. She said she didn’t really like it. And, as I told her later, that might be the reason why I liked it so much. Before speaking with her, I had some very high expectations of the movie. After speaking, I was a little more guarded.

I won’t really get into specifics on the movie, I’ll post a review/analysis of it soon. I did want to mention, however, that my sister is smoking the good stuff, because the movie was good! Ha ha, she can’t get me back, either. Well, unless she logs onto the Stasistech.com forums, but I doubt she’d go that far.

But she didn’t like the movie. She found a quite a few things wrong with it. And I concede that she made some decent points. She summed it all up by saying that this reviewby the Washington Post made all those points in better wording than the could have used. I, on the other hand, thought it worked well, and liked it.

And how about your friends? When was that last time you got in touch with them? I recently responded to one of those question/answer e-mails. You know, “write out your own answers to these questions, send it to a lot of people, and also to the person who sent it to you.” I must say, I hate spam, and junk mail, but I can always use an e-mail from a friend telling me about him/herself.

When I left Las Cruces, I left the people that were my life in Las Cruces. I failed to keep in touch with some of them. I’ve gotten back in touch with two of them, the two that mean the most, but it is still rough not speaking with people whom I used to see every day. And I am also reminded about exes. My last ex said she wanted to remain friends, and keep in touch. At first, I was all for the idea. Now, however, I remember what my sister told me: “Why? Why would you need to do that? What possible benefit could it have for you?”

You know, my sister is pretty smart. I always joked about writing a book when I get older, titled “If Only I Had Listened To My Sister.” I’m sure it would be a great work, though I wonder how much appeal it would have to a broader audience. Too bad Oprah stopped her book club thing.

Back to friends. How often do you keep in touch? In today’s world of 10-10-220 and e-mail, it should be pretty simple, right? So what stops people from saying “Hey, how have you been? What have you been up to?” Do people simply stop caring? Do we all just “move apart” as they say? What’re your reasons for not keeping in touch?

Well, that’s about it for now. Apparently, tomorrow I will be 24 years old. Working on a quarter century of life. I ask myself what that entails. And I answer, “Damn you sure screwed the pooch so far.” Figuratively, of course. But really, I realize something that I’ve known for quite some time. In the question/answer e-mail I mentioned earlier, it asks what your ideal job would be. My smartass answer was “La-Z-Boy Structural Integrity Analyst.” But I realize now that I want to create the little instruction booklets for Lego sets. I want to play with toys, and then show others how to play with toys. 24 years, and that’s the best I can come up with… oh sister, what have you to say now?


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Well, I had an incredible weekend. It all began on Friday night, when I went to see the new X-Men flick. I’ll post a quick review of the movie this evening. For now, I’ll say that I honestly giggled about 15 times during the movie. Also on Friday, we put together a futon using instructions that might as well have been written in hieroglyphs on papyrus. We began the process at about 6:00, and 3 hours later we had disassembled the first two pieces twice because the instructions forgot to mention where some parts went. We went to watch the movie, came back and finished the futon, only to find that we had put it together backwards.

Now, I’ve put together a lot of “Wal-Mart” furniture: bookcases, shelves, a different futon, a computer desk, some bed stands, etc. Never before had I so completely put something together so badly. Needless to say, I was a little upset.

Saturday, I volunteered with the Tour of the Gila. This is the biggest cycling race in southern New Mexico. I spent the morning sweeping the roadway of debris, since the racers come flying by at about 35-40 MPH. A tiny little rock can be disastrous. I must say, I was a little surprised at the courtesy expressed by the cyclists. Many of them took the time to say “Thanks for helping put on the race” or “you guys did a great job getting this organized.” Especially during a warm up lap, if I was sweeping, racers cruising by would yell out a quick “Thank you for helping us out” or “Thanks man.” It was really rewarding.

However, the afternoon was a little less pleasant. I had used some sun screen in the morning, at about 7:00 AM, but by about 2:00 in the afternoon I was starting to get toasty. I had plenty of water, but we were all busy, so I couldn’t exactly take a break to run home for sunscreen. My arms, legs, and neck got a wicked burn. I still had fun, met some cool racers and volunteers, and saw some good racing action, but I could have done without the sunburn.

Sunday, therefore, was spent on my ass. I basically took up position on the couch and didn’t relinquish it. Pizza Hut brought dinner, and HBO entertained me. It was truly something. I was sure, however, to call my sister, to gloat in case she hadn’t seen X2. She hadn’t, but I didn’t gloat as much as I could have, not seeing the movie was punishment enough. From Saturday night after the race to Sunday Evening, I saw Spider-Man, Mr. Deeds, Red Planet, Unforgiven, and assorted shows. Ahhh, DirecTV.

Steven wants to play hardcore mode on Diablo II, and I decided I would indulge him. I haven’t gamed at all in the last few months, and I need to gear up for the release of Star Wars Galaxies. Nothing really appeals to me more than playing a character that basically lives in Star Wars. Well, maybe living with Natalie Portman. Or, living with Natalie Portman in the actual Star Wars universe.


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I was browsing over at Tech Report last night, and the site’s owner, Damage, was asking about DirecTV and TiVo. I offered my own advice about his dilemma, and then started thinking. I used to be a real TV junkie. Back when I was living with my ex (another Blog entry, maybe someday) we had UltimateTV. Truly, it was wonderful. Anyhoo, back to me thinking. Yeah, yeah, shut up. I was trying to determine if I had actually cut down on my TV viewing time, as I believed I had. Back with the ex, I watched TV whenever I was home. Sure, sometimes I got online and immersed myself in Diablo II, but if I wasn’t at work and I wasn’t online, I was watching TV. Heck, I used to go to Spoons with some friends, to play NTN Network games.

It may be that the amount of TV that we watched ended up contributing to the end of our relationship, but she won’t tell me what happened, so this is only speculation. However, upon reflection, I really don’t watch as much TV as I used to. I get out and mountain bike, and hike with Archon. I spend time at school, but more importantly, I spend time at home working on school stuff. I visit my family, you get the point. No longer is it “get home from work, turn on TV, turn off brain.”

So, now that I’ve come to this conclusion, I ask myself: “Am I really better off now that I don’t watch TV as much?”

My mother is visiting town for Easter. She came over last night, and we watched Friends, Scrubs, Will & Grace, and that other show on Thursday nights. And, I laughed. And I realized that I missed those shows, shows I used to watch every week. I miss The West Wing. I miss Law and Order. I miss The Simpsons.

So, now I find myself in a predicament. Do I continue my negligence of TV? Do I continue to deny myself the simple pleasures afforded by Must See Television? Or do I fulfill my destiny as the one who brings balance to TV.

Er, sorry about that, we watched Attack of the Clones last night.

I’ve decided I won’t start watching TV again anytime soon. For now, school is just keeping me too busy. That, and the fact that the weather outside is so incredibly great, I can’t justify to myself that TV is worth my time. At least not to the extent that it once was. Also, I can’t get the channels that show Buffy and Angel.

So, the site is looking a lot better, at least to my eyes. I’ve been trying to get things set up, everything in place, rather than posting updates to the sections that are ready. I guess I want a complete site with a little content more than I want an incomplete site with one section chock full of content. Thanks for bearing with me during this process.

Also, on the topic of TV, I’ve started advertising for Netflix. If you’re interested in seeing a lot of DVDs every month, not worrying about late fees, and paying a flat fee, then Netflix is for you. I must say, just to be clear, that I used to work for them.

However, that is not the reason I’m advertising for them now. Simply put, I’m a greedy bastidge. No, that’s not it either. Really, I just like the service. They’re currently expanding, trying to get next day service for as many Americans as possible. Still skeptical? They offer a free trial!! Just click the image to your left, and see what they have to offer. I think you’ll like it.


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This afternoon I picked up a few copies of The Mustang, since this was the issue wherein my first story appeared. I had a half-page spread and a picture. Yes, to my resume I can now add ?Published Writer.? To celebrate, I decided to pick up Steven/Archon for some dinner. I offered Wendy?s or Taco Bell, because frankly I?m a cheap bastard.

Steven decided on Taco Bell, so after a quick stop by his mom?s place we headed in that direction. Being a lazy bastard as well as a cheap one, I went for the drive-thru. We were greeted by this recording: ?Welcome to Taco Bell, would you like to try one of our new Cheesy Gordita Crunches? Please order when you?re ready.? Before I could start, the recording was immediately followed by a woman who said, ?One moment, I?ll be right with you.?

This should have been an indication of things to come, but we simply laughed it off. After waiting the customary few moments, the woman returned and asked what we would like to order. I said I wanted a Cheesy Gordita Crunch combo with an extra Cheesy Gordita Crunch. The woman on the other end of the microphone then proceeded to try and sway me from that choice, saying that the “You don’t want that, it?s just a gordita wrapped around a taco.?

I looked over at Steven in disbelief. The woman was actually trying to dissuade me from purchasing their special, the very item their opening recording had been pushing. I turned back to the box, and said clearly ?I want a Cheesy Gordita Crunch combo, with an extra Cheesy Gordita Crunch.? I was sure to speak slowly, pronouncing each syllable carefully to ensure she understood me. She told me the price, to which I replied ?one moment, there?s more.?

Once I had Steven?s order, a #10 with a Coke, I relayed it through the microphone. ?One moment? she said. Again, I looked over at Steven in astonishment. I waited a minute, and then repeated the order. ?One moment please? was the reply. She had already started taking the order, and now was suddenly so overwhelmed she couldn?t continue? Steven simply said, ?Let?s go to Wendy?s man.?

We went to Wendy?s, and of course our order was messed up. They forgot my chicken nuggets and left the tomato on Steven?s chicken sandwich. I guess it just wasn?t our night for fast food.

The site has gone through another tiny redesign, and Archon has informed me that the Stasistech main page should be good to go by Friday. I?m sure you?re all looking forward to seeing the completed product.

As far as things around here are concerned, I should have the links section up and running Friday morning. I decided against images, and instead will focus solely on text. I haven?t had the time to work on any reviews lately, but as soon as the SlimX and Scarlet?s Walk reviews are finished I?ll post them. The SlimX review might be on the main Stasistech page, but we?ll see how that works out. The articles section will be a kind of potpourri bin where I put things that don?t have a home elsewhere. Like my pet raccoon, Bernard, and Jimmy the Smelly Sock.

Yeah, I know: it?s late.


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First off, apologies for not updating recently. I said earlier that I was sick, and this week has been staggering in the amount of work I’ve had to do. Yessiree, it’s that time of the year: research projects are getting completed, book reviews are being finished, and finals are just around the corner. Well, to start off this post, I’ll relate the story of my Saturday. I attended a symposium entitled “The Native American Experience.” It was held at my school, WNMU. Basically, it was a day of events aimed at introducing various aspects of Native American culture to the public.

Why was I there, you ask? Well, I was writing an article for The Mustang, the student newspaper here on campus. Yes, I have a new gig, “semi-regular writer.” It seems as though their online issues aren’t current-current, so unless you can get a hard copy you might not be able to read a story of mine for quite some time. Oh well.

Regardless, the symposium was wonderful. I could write an entire post on the discussion of Native American spirituality, but I’ll only remark that the speaker had an incredibly sound outlook on life. To quote him, “You cannot acquire what you want to obtain through ego.”

There was also a group of singers and dancers that performed, and I can only say that the entire performance was beautiful. The dancers were all young girls, the youngest being at most 9 or 10 years old. They showed remarkable skill and coordination, and I thought that was commendable. I’ll try and dig up some links if I can.

After the symposium, I decided to head out to Little Walnut and hike my favorite hike, Gomez Peak. Seven minutes into the trail, I saw a young woman approaching with a dog walking un-tethered at her side. She paused to place the leash back around its neck, and continued on towards me. I remarked on the day’s beauty, she smiled and agreed, and suddenly the dog reached across her body and bit me on the leg!

Now, it didn’t hurt too bad, I simply walked it off and then finished the hike (incidentally, I cut 13 minutes off my previous best time getting to the summit). However, she didn’t stop to see if I was OK, nor did she apologize. She scolded her dog, turned away, and continued on down the trail.

This truly surprised me, since I was accustomed to the friendliness of hikers I had encountered elsewhere in the Silver City area. Perhaps she was embarrassed, or perhaps she noticed that I didn’t react to the bite and felt I was OK. Either way, I still am shocked that she didn’t offer an apology. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by all the other wonderful people hiking the trails I love.

Well, I’m not sure if it was the dog bite or not, but I’ve felt sick ever since. I’m feeling better today, and think that by tomorrow I should be back up to snuff. Time to run; have to be up early tomorrow for class. Posts might not come daily for a few weeks, until school is out. Please understand. Or course, I still welcome comments and feedback. A link to e-mail me is at the top of the page. Take care.