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Well, I had a wonderful weekend. Fun, and eventful, though not necessarily in that order. The highlight of the weekend had to be the visit by the State, County, and Local Police forces to Archon?s neighbor. Yeah, we were kicking back in his house, watching The Big Lebowski and drinking White Russians when we heard this commotion outside. Archon, said he?d inform everybody about it on the main site (we?ll see about that) but for the moment, I?ll let you know that there was swearing and a 2-by-4 involved.

And of course, we?re into the second week of football season. While I am anything but a die-hard fan, I do enjoy watching the game, and I have a favorite team. Now, a little back-story is needed here. My grandmother is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. My uncle, and his family, are Cowboys fans as well. However, my Dad and the rest of his brothers and sisters are Raiders fans. That?s right, the Black and Silver.

So, in this context, you might realize that football would create a little family, er, tension, as it were. For example, we?d often bag on my grandma or uncle for a Dallas loss, or make jokes about a Dallas player being caught with drugs. As it happened that Dallas has been losing a lot the last few years, and their players kept getting arrested, we had ample opportunity to express our views. To make matters worse around the family, an uncle who is in the Raider camp is a DJ for one of the local radio stations. Any chance to publicly mock the Cowboys did not go unobserved by him. While I say all this, keep in mind that things rarely got out of hand, and for the most part everything was done in jest. Aside from that one time when my grandma told us all to get out of the house, things have been civil.

This year, however, things are likely to be different. My grandmother has expressed resentment towards the Cowboys for trading away Emmitt Smith. While she still remains a fan, her enthusiasm for the team has slid a little bit. Additionally, us Raiders fans are focusing on the enemy: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We were switching back and forth between the Raiders-Bengals game and the Bucs-Panthers game this evening. And let me tell you, we were rooting just as much for the Panthers as we were for the Raiders. When the Panthers blocked their third kick, we were up in out of our seats, hooting and hollering. And I looked around at my family of Raiders fans, and said, “Never before in history have we rooted this much for another team.” And everybody agreed.

School is definitely having an impact on the time I can devote to the site here, or Galaxies, as Archon or my new friend Phaedra can attest. I simply have so much to read, and so much research to do, that I?m daunted by things. And Galaxies is so tempting, that I just find myself always drawn into the world when I have free time. Which is why I?m considering canceling my account.

I haven?t been for a hike or a bike ride since I started playing the game. And while I want to say that I have the willpower to limit my time in the game, I know it simply isn?t true. For starters, the game is awesome. That in itself is enough to suck me in. However, this is an awesome game based in the Star Wars universe, and for me, that?s like strawberry cheesecake: a combination too tempting to resist. I?ve already paid this month, so I?ll be wielding my laser-rifle for another 3 weeks or so. After that, we?ll have to see.

I?m working on adding an addition to the website here to list the scores of the games for Western New Mexico University. Actually, I might have more grandiose plans than a little sports section, but I need to speak with Archon about that. Anyhoo, I?m still plugging along on some articles and some reviews. I know I keep saying that, but progress is being made. Maybe if I focused on one, I could get it finished. Instead, I?m jumping around between them all, based on what I feel like working on. Boy, if I did homework like that, we’d be in for an interesting semester here, lemme tell you. Heck, I?d love to take that philosophy when I consider which bills to pay.

Nobody Loves Me

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Avelino has been AWOL. That?s right folks, Away With Out Leave. I?ve neglected this little chunk of cyberspace that I call mine, and there?s no excuse for it. Sure, I?ll say that school has started again, and that is eating into my time. Or, I could say that the new job I took on is another burden. I?ve already tried using the ?I was playing Star Wars Galaxies? excuse, but you?re used to that, so I won?t do that anymore.

I?ve been absent, for so long I think, because I?ve lost a lot of the motivation I once had for doing this site. I have a blast, and part of me thinks it is a worthwhile effort. However, constantly I wonder if anybody is ever reading what I write here. For example: during the month of August, the Avelino.Stasistech.com home page was viewed 42 times. Now, a lot of those were from me checking that a news post looked right, so, what the actual number of visitors really was I don?t know. And even if people view the site, Archon is the only person who ever mentions it to me. He?s the only person who tells me straight away that a review or blog entry was really funny.

So, when it comes down to it, I love running this little site. I?ve just run into the problem of ?not enough content.? My sister and Mom both say that there?s never anything here when they come to visit. Apparently, neither of them are interested in the news posts that populate the front page. So, I end up having to call them and let them know I wrote something special before they will come to visit. And even when I do that, they sometimes don?t come. Or, they don?t tell me they did.

So, I was lost as to how to proceed from here. There?s no way I can add something new, besides news posts, every day. That?s just an impossibility. And before there is something appealing here everyday, I doubt people will come to view the site as something they should check out regularly. Like e-mail. People always check their e-mail.

I decided I?m just gonna keep on trucking the way I am. If I post something, I do. If not, oh well. I?m not going to bother telling anybody, since that doesn?t seem to influence traffic to the site whatsoever. Most importantly, I get to write here, like I do nowhere else. And since that is my main ambition at the moment, putting words down, I?m going to rely on that. Because I can?t rely on anything else. So, while I write this to you, and start the blog entry off by saying that I?ve been gone, and apologizing to you, I actually don?t give a damn. Because more than likely, I?ll be the only one reading it anyway.


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As you may or may not know, I ventured on a 2700 mile journey across America. Now, I’ll mention quite a few tidbits of information in my article “Where’s Avelino,” but I felt it necessary to devote a separate article to this topic. And again, some of you may or may not already know that America is going to the dogs. For those of you who are aware of this development, this article should provide further vindication of your belief. If you didn’t know that America’s character is in a state of decline, consider this your first lesson.

Now, I could begin listing reasons like the Bush economy and the Bush Screw Your Neighbor? Doctrine of Foreign Policy, or the fact that we’ve seen so much legislation aimed at regulating citizens that I want to move to Canada, or we could look at the latest information on corporate scandals. But, here at the Stasistech Network, we like to do things a little bit differently. Instead, we’re going to look at only two factors: the inability of Americans to follow simple directions, and the inability of Americans to pee into the toilet, as opposed to on the toilet.

Yes, You Heard Me Correctly
That’s right folks, half of my dissertation is based on simple human hygiene, and the American lack of it. Traveling through America can teach you quite a bit, and while I saw many things, places, and people that made me proud to be an American, the thing that really sticks in my mind is yellow toilet seats. You see, when you’re on the road for 12 hours a day, you stop at rest stops and restaurants quite often. It’s basic human anatomy. And I kid you not, at almost every rest stop we visited, if I went into a stall, I found yellow spots all over the toilet seat.

What possesses grown men to make them feel it’s alright to Spray-It-And-Leave-It? is anybody’s guess: I’m as baffled as the next guy. Because it can’t just be kids doing it. And even if it is kids doing it, what kind of parenting is occurring throughout this land where we teach our children to pee all over the place? If we’re failing to let our kids know the simple stuff, like lifting up the seat before they go, then how focused are we on the major stuff?

What kind of manners will exist in our society if we’re neglecting basic fundamentals like toilet seat etiquette? Will teenaged boys stop opening doors for their sweethearts? Will they show up to prom in jeans and a t-shirt? What other impacts will this have on our society? An even lower turnout on voting day? Perhaps we’ll see more murder on the streets because of an increase in road rage. I know I’m just speculating, but it really seems that if we’re not teaching our children the basics, they’re never gonna catch onto the bigger stuff.

Hooked On Phonics Worked For Me!!
And speaking of teaching our children the basics, I’ve got an idea: make sure they know how to read! Now, I understand that things are bad enough already, but my recent trip only highlighted how bad things are in America. Not only do our children lack proper reading skills, but our adults do as well. Case in point: my recent visit to Gettysburg.

For those of you haven’t been to Gettysburg, let me tell you one thing about it. This was the site of the bloodiest battle ever fought on US soil. 51,000 casualties occurred over three days. 140 years ago, this huge battle which was fought over a section of Pennsylvania land turned the tide of the Civil War. Gettysburg National Cemetery is where President Lincoln gave his famous Address. Get the idea?

Now, imagine you’re there, along with hundreds of other people, reading the signs which give depictions of famous engagements, or inform you of a particular officer or company, etc. And imagine you see one sign that says, “Please stay on path.” Now, I’m not exactly sure what level of reading is required to understand these four words, but I’m going to speculate that the majority of second graders would comprehend the message to mean “stay on the path.”

Then Again…
But, of course, we live in America. So, of course, not only were there little kids running off the path, but teenagers, and some grown men as well. So, I started thinking about possible causes for people to walk off the path, and I came to several possible conclusions. I present them here in no particular order.

The people could not read the sign.

People in America take their core values, that whole “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” thing very seriously. These people who were getting off the path truly expect to be “free” here in America, and as such, they feel that petty rules are below them. “Why bother, when I’m a free American citizen, in a section of land maintained with my tax dollars?”

The people simply didn’t care about what the sign said. They had no motivation for ignoring the sign besides general apathy.

However, I must now add one little snippet of information. To add injury to insult, I heard a woman telling her boys that, “Hurry up, you’re not supposed to be on those rocks. Oh, OK, just a few more pictures.” So, in other words, she could read, just not follow directions. Or, for that matter, impart discipline upon her children. Whatever the case, she rules out conclusion #1.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m getting a little too upset about a small little situation. Maybe I’m blowing it all way out of proportion. And I start to think, and I realize that I can’t blow it out of proportion. We’re talking about the future of America, and how it’s already being degraded. How could I possibly NOT get upset?

The question I must next ask myself is, do we have any hope of change? I think so. For starters, people like Arriana Huffington are getting involved. Her campaign for Governor of California is based mainly on the principle that the government should be existing for the welfare of the people. I don’t believe anybody has expressed this ideal as much as she has since the time of John Adams. She’s not interested in corporate sponsorship, and is instead reaching out to the actual populace to fund her campaign. She wants to make education in that state work, and her ideas look as sound as any I’ve seen.

Secondly, not all is lost in the Entertainment Industry. Artists like Neil Young are out there, trying to spread some meaningful work amongst the pop-culture BS which has taken a hold on mainstream America. We went from the brief highlight of last year, with Norah Jones and Beck having great albums, back to the same-ole same-ole of this year. Check out Young’s Greendale. It probably won’t sell a lot of copies, but I’m gonna be getting one.

Finally, we’ve got an election year coming up. While many feel the main battle will be the economy, I’m not of that mind. The economy will get better: that’s what economies do. We’re going to be looking at foreign policy, health care, and education this year. Hopefully, some major issues will be brought to light in California, and that trend will continue into the Presidential Election next year. Maybe my generation will wake up to the fact that we’ve been silent for far too long. Hopefully, after the year we’ve faced looking for jobs and worrying about friends and family overseas, we’ll take on an active role in determining our future. Because if we don’t, somebody else will.

Wrapping this all up into a nice little ending is somewhat difficult. How do you follow up three paragraphs about peeing on the toilet, honestly? But, there you have it. I’ll let you make up your own minds, based on the evidence I provided. Send comments to andurin@hotmail.com.


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Well, I’ve been slacking a little on the “blogging” front lately, and for that I apologize. I do have two reasons, though I’ll let you judge the merit of my excuses. For starters, I’ve been helping some people from my Dad’s church stucco a Huge-Ass-Wall?, so that’s taken up a little of my time. Also, being away for three weeks means I’m trying to play catch-up on DF-BHD. Archon is a full three ranks ahead of me, and though I doubt I’ll catch him, I’m going to try.

Speaking of stucco, if you’ve never done it before, don’t feel that you’re missing out on anything. It consists mostly of your left arm holding this plate like a waiter, which you pile up with cement. Now, holding this plate of cement up in the air, you use a trowel to scoop the stucco/cement off the plate onto a wall, pushing hard to get the mixture to stick to the wall. Once all the cement/stucco is gone, you pile some more onto your plate, and repeat. Like, I don’t know, 7 million times. If you’re neck, back, and arms aren’t in serious pain by the end of the day, you’ve been stuccoing wrong. Trust me.

DF-BHD is becoming a little more time consuming. Archon and I had joined a squad called PointX, but things were starting to get a little too controlled for us. We mentioned a few things about this to the squad’s “ruling council” and they basically handed the clan off to me and him. So, we’re not sure where to proceed from here, but we’ll figure something out.

I borrowed Signs from my uncle and aunt today, so I could watch it with my Dad, who has yet to see it. I’m interested in his reaction, and I’ll be sure to let you all know. We’re going to wait until it’s dark before we watch it: I feel the movie is better in that mood. I definitely enjoyed the movie in the theatre: I was watching it with my then girlfriend, and half-way into the movie she asked me to let go of her hand, because I was squeezing it so hard. Not exactly my finest hour, but hey, what’s a guy to do?

I’m still waiting on some pictures that I left to develop in Gaithersburg, MD, while I was there visiting my Mom. Once I have those, I should be able to complete three articles: “Why America Is Going To Shit,” a compelling piece on the degradation of America’s character, “Gettysburg: 140 Years Later,” a gripping look at America’s bloodiest battlefield, and “Where’s Avelino?” a timeless story of one man’s journey across America. OK, that attempt to legitimatize what I do here by adding big words was just far too much fun.

Finally, Archon is working a little on the setup and design of the Stasistech Network, which I’m definitely supporting. He has some great ideas, and hopefully you’ll see them implemented here and on the main site soon. On my end, I might be doing a little redesign, but for sure I’ll be making additions to the Links page and the Reviews page. Once I start working more and playing less, that is. Be sure to send us your feedback. Or donations, for that matter. You can find our contact info on the About/Cast page. Until next time, take care.


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I had the opportunity during the last several days to play with some children. Cousins, mostly, and young. And I have to tell you, it was fun. It?s been years since I played hide-and-go-seek. I?d forgotten how I truly didn?t know I was missing the game until I was playing it once more. I actually sat in a hiding spot as my younger cousin was looking for me, and thought to myself, ?Ooo, I really have to pee.?

?Playing? is a concept used frequently by the Dave Matthews Band. DMB is, and probably always will be, my favorite musical group. One thing I find appealing is the music, but what really draws me in is the lyrics. Mainly written by Dave Matthews, the lyrics to many songs stress how we should live our lives to the fullest, because there?s no guarantee tomorrow will be here. The most striking example of this would have to be ?You Never Know.? Here?s a snippet:

There?s not a moment to lose in the game
Don?t let the troubles in your head
Steal too much time you?ll soon be dead
So play

I?ve thought on several occasions about the value of playing. To be young again, no worries, just enjoying the very breath that gives us life. The sun on my face. The gleam of laughter in a child?s eye. Playing is such a childish act, which brings us a touch of innocence that we forget at work, or driving the car stuck in traffic, or shopping for groceries. None of the mundane tasks that make up the minutes of our adult lives ever provide a glimpse of the joy we experienced when playing as children.

I play video games, both on my computer, and sometimes on an X-Box or Playstation 2. I also ride a mountain bike when I get the chance. Neither video games or cycling creates in me the sense that I?m truly having fun. I mean, I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend playing Delta Force, and there?s no rush like riding down the side of a mountain you just climbed up. But running around in a yard, hiding behind a bush, waiting with exhilarated anticipation to be found, is one of the greatest experiences I?ve known on this green earth. As they say, the simple things in life are the most rewarding.

So, in honor of children everywhere: YOU?RE IT!!


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Well, I?m heading on a three week or so trip, so I wanted to let everybody know that I shan?t be doing much for the site while I’m away. Archon has access to the news system, so maybe he?ll stop over and post something really quick some time. Otherwise, I?ll try and keep you updated, as I should have Internet access during the majority of our trip.

A quick itinerary: leaving Silver City, NM, and traveling to Oklahoma City, then on to St. Louis, and from there to Chicago, where my sister is graduating from Northwestern University. After spending a few days in Chicago, we?re moving my sister to Washington D.C., which is were my mom is currently employed. Should be spending a week, maybe two, in D.C., before heading home via Nashville and Dallas. So, should be quite the little trip. I call it my quasi-vacation because I’ll bve driving with my dad for trip. If we manage not to kill eachother, I’ll deem the trip a success.

Behave everybody, and of course, head over to the main site if you get bored. I?m sure the forums are cooking up something special, and you?re definitely invited. Until next time, laters.