If this site serves as a (rough) repository of my life since 2004, this page represents a snapshot of my favorite photographic work. It’s a subjective collection, indeed, but one influenced by comments here and the algorithms at Flickr. In addition to those images below, my photographs are on Flickr.

Of course, no portfolio of photography would be complete without my favorite photograph. To see it, and the story behind it, please click here.


This pearl crescent butterfly among a field of black-eyed Susans was hard to spot.

Summer Swallowtail, Kneeling Nun, Takeoff


Flight Home

EchinaceaAvalanche Falls, S Curve


You Drive Me to Distraction

Orange Beauty, Rabbit’s TailLily Tulip

CookesPeak Cooke’s Peak

City Life/Architecture/People

Top of the Hour, Speed, Window Watcher

Leaving It All Behind, Light Street, Ali

Belvedere, Lloyd Dobbler Effect, Thoughtful Chad