Camouflage @ Crated

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With an exhibit opening in Silver City this summer (more on that soon), I’ve decided to be more proactive with my photography. A portion of that entails selling some of my work — a request I receive with some frequency. Well, I’m working with Crated to make that happen, in a way that doesn’t require a lot of outlay on my part.

The usual bells and whistles are all there: you can select the size you want, determine if you want it framed or even choose a canvas wrap.

For example, here’s the page for Camouflage, the photo above. You can also find several prints are available from my portfolio page.

I hope to expand the offerings, and if there’s a particular print you’d like to see there please let me know. For now, however, I’m leaving the commuters out. If you’d like to buy one of those, you’ll need to visit Silver City in July.