Fiery Pickles: An Online Chat Transcript

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I seriously want to do this next year.

Kerry: how’s your garden?
me: Man
I’m never going to eat all these cucumbers
Kerry: make ice cream
or lotion
me: pickles
That’s my plan for next week
Meredith loves em
Kerry: pickles!
You could give them as xmas gifts
“Fancy Baltimore Pickles”
Kerry: make that “Avelino’s Fancy Baltimore Pickles”
put peppers in with them
“Avelino’s Spicy Baltimore Pickles”
you’ll have  a pickle empire
“Avelino’s Spicy B’more Pickles, Hon”
me: I’ll just convert the whole plot to cucumbers and peppers (and chiles) next year
Kerry: I’ll design the packaging
that would be amazing.
cukes & chiles
me: haha
Kerry: Fiery Pickles
so much potential.
me: the name works perfect too
Kerry: of course, you’ll have to grow a beard.
me: Of course
Kerry: And the bottles need to be oddly shaped.  None of that pickle jar nonsense.
me: Dude
Chile-shaped jars
Kerry: awesome
chile shaped cucumbers!
me: though that might not be easy to store
Kerry: with red dye
man. We may have a hit on our hands