Rainy Morning

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So, trying out my new kit, the Canon Rebel T2i. It was raining this morning, which I thought was a good opportunity to play around with the video function. There’s a lot to like about it so far: being able to choose the maximum ISO when shooting in Auto ISO mode is a nice improvement over the XSi, as is the low-light performance. I’m shooting stuff at 1600 that I never would have tried with the XSi.

This is the fourth entry in the Canon Digital Rebel line I’ve used since I got started with this whole photography thing back in 2004. I began with the Digital Rebel, moved on up to the XTi, then to the XSi, and now the T2i. Each offering has brought improvements in image quality and usability, but thus far, this iteration has been the most profound.

I also used the excellent Adobe TV series on learning Premiere Pro. A bunch of quick episodes covering the basics, and I was up and running: moving clips around, doing a little contrast correction, inserting some transitions, etc.