My Entries to the DCist Photo Exhibtion


First off, I want to thank everybody who voted for a photo in the recent contest. I can’t tell you how much it means to see so much support for my work. You’re the best friends, family, and, well, strangers ever!

As you know, I had already decided on one entry — RNA, the viral staircase from the National Academies building. I decided to crowdsource the other two entries, and the voting breakdown was as follows (click through for more):

Stairway to Heaven 15
The Chase 12
1…2…3… 11
Watching Over You 9
Bountiful 7
By Land, Air and Sea 6
Seeing Yellow 5
Walking Tall 3

So, since Stairway to Heaven was the clear winner, I entered it into the DCist exhibition. And, while a few others scored higher in the voting, I also entered Watching Over You. After looking at the winners of the prior exhibition, I decided to go for something with more concentration and purpose. While I liked The Chase and 1…2…3…, I didn’t feel they are as strong as Watching Over You.

Since Meredith pointed out correctly in her comment that she should be ineligible for the contest, I’m going to let her draw names from a hat this weekend. I think I’m going to disqualify Aislinn as well (sorry sister, but you’re already getting prints for your birthday). I’ll write another post this weekend identifying the print winners. And, when DCist decides the exhibitors, I’ll let you know if any of my shots were chosen.

Again, thanks to everybody who participated!