Who and Why I Follow


Today is Who and Why I Follow Day (yeah, I’m late to the party). So, without further ado, here’s my list (in no particular order):

  • Brian Auer – His blog is a must read for photographers.
  • Danielle Brigida – A mentor of sorts in the world of social media outreach.
  • Danielle Corsetto – I love her Web comic, and I love her marketing style.
  • Jay Rosen – The dude knows, and has been following, what’s wrong with traditional media.
  • Julia Goldberg – Back in New Mexico, she’s the one in the know.
  • Clay Shirky – He rocked PDF this year.
  • Scott Orr – He’s not prolific, but his tweets are always solid.
  • Nora Reed – Because her dad is so awesome, something had to have rubbed off.
  • Ari Herzog – The man rocks, and helped us out.
  • Roaul Pop – His photos are incredible, and he’s ahead of the curve with great links.
  • Jason Stoff – I now know what funny truly means.
  • Jim Goldstein – Great insight into modern photography.

Of course, the entire Sunlight Foundation crew (too many to mention here), and, of course, members of Congress.

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