True Blue New Mexico

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Donate to Democratic CandidatesMy friends at Democracy for New Mexico and New Mexico FBIHOP are fundraising again: they’ve started an ActBlue page for all of the Democratic candidates for federal office in New Mexico. They inlcude: Sen. Barack Obama, Rep. Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, Harry Teague, and Ben Ray Lujan.

The netroots is playing a big role in elections this year, and I give some serious props to Matt and Barb for stepping up and getting this effort going. I think it’s a testament to their hard work, and a recognition of the role they’re playing, that each of the New Mexican candidates are posting guest blogs this week (you can see Heinrich’s posts here and here).

Matt has a great post introducing the project, highlighting the unique situation in New Mexico this cycle:

In 2008, New Mexicans have a chance for a true change — a golden opportunity to make a True Blue New Mexico.  There are more Democrats than Republicans registered in the state, and Democrats control both the state Senate and House.  Yet in federal offices, Republicans hold a 3-2 advantage, including a 2-1 advantage in the House. This year, that can change — and change dramatically.

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve thought that some additional attention in southern New Mexico from groups like the DCCC could help push the district closer toward the “Democratic” column, and with the right candidate Rep. Steve Pearce might have had a fight on his hands. With changing demographics, who knows what would have happened?

But with Pearce facing what could charitably be called an uphill battle with Udall, there’s no incumbent and a wave of anti-Republicanism sweeping the country. The Third congressional district is safe, and I think Martin Heinrich will have a solid advantage over Darren White. The second district would be tough regardless, but Teague can self-finance to a certain degree and that will help.

There’s some signs that New Mexico is trending more Democratic, and all of these candidates should have a great surrogate in Gov. Bill Richardson. But they need some help, and the best way to help is to donate early. Every dollar donated now is worth twice as much as money given later – early money will help the campaigns canvas voters, place ad buys sooner rather than later, and build their operations.

So, head on over to the ActBlue page and give some money, and help turn New Mexico blue this November.

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