So, I turned 29 on Tuesday – my last 20-something birthday, as my mom said. I don’t have much to reflect on the milestone, if it is one. I’ve become more cognizant, perhaps, of the fact that I am an incredibly lucky guy: I have a fantastic job doing work that I feel is worthwhile, important and meaningful. Two-thirds of my immediate family is here with me, and I love spending time with those who I recently only visited every few months (though now, of course, I miss my dad). I’ve got a great sweetheart, who (without hamming it up to much) makes me truly happy. And aside from a few minor ailments (asthma and allergies) I’m in wonderful health – I lost more than 20 pounds since late-2006.

I’m still up in the air about what I’m doing with this space: Live from Silver City. I find my time is increasingly turned to other endeavors: I’m reading more, working out, and using my camera at every opportunity. I think I’ll leave it alone for now: a place where it can serve primarily as a photoblog, but that still enables me to comment on events when the need arises.

I’m off to Assateague Island National Seashore for some camping on this Memorial Day Weekend, so hopefully I’ll return with some shots of horses and beaches and birds and whatever else I can find. I hope you have a wonderful holiday wherever you might be!