The daffodils have returned

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The ChaseI did a little photowalking yesterday and got lucky a few times, especially in regard to the photo at left. It amazes me how often photography is a result of good luck. Great photography often flows from great planning and anticipation, but sometimes you can get wonderful results by grabbing the camera, saying, “I think I’ll walk over there,” and heading out. That’s what I did yesterday: I left the Arlington Cemetery Metro station, walked toward the Lincoln Memorial, and then headed south along the Potomac.

In addition to the cyclist and the daffodils, I spotted three herons (photos of them are on the way, hit me up this evening) and checked out a few planes taking off from National Airport.

Granted, I ended up stuck on the wrong side of the George Washington Parkway (which was unlucky) and I had a long walk to get to a Metro station. Me feet were tired (damn boots) and I didn’t eat dinner until 9:30, but sometimes those are the breaks when you’re exploring: you don’t know where you’re going or how long it will take.

At any rate, here’s another shot from the afternoon: