New Mexico Exit Poll Breakdown

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(Update: I should mention that this information should be taken with a grain of salt, because I have no idea how reliable the data is.)

LP has already mentioned the overall results indicated by CNN’s exit poll ((905 respondents — candidates who dropped out are still included in the exit poll for some reason)) from New Mexico. However, I wanted to take a look at a few things that stand out to me, notably this response:

Top Candidate Quality

This indicates to me that Obama’s message of change played a very large role in New Mexicans’ decisions in this election. “Change” was the most important issue for more than half of all voters, and they voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

More breakdown of the exit poll after the flip: Most Important Issue

The economy is definitely on voters minds, and it looks like people most concerned by the situation were supporting Clinton. Unsurprisingly, Obama won among those who thought Iraq was the most important issue, while it was much closer in regards to the health care block.

Here’s three charts on voters’ gender, age & race, and income:

Voters by Gender

Voters by Age and Race

Voters by Income

So, while more women showed up to vote than men, it looks like the candidates split the female vote. Obama won among men though, and among those making more than $50,000 a year. Clinton was a big winner when voters were making less than $50K, and her support among Latinos of all ages is strong. However, it looks like Obama brought in more white voters than Clinton, and that white voters outnumbered Latinos.

Obama’s appeal among affluent voters appears strong: voters with a college education swung for him by a large margin:

Voters by Education

Finally, here’s a bit on ideology, where Obama won among liberals and conservatives while Clinton carried moderates:

Voters by Ideaolgy

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