Congresspedia Preview: This Week in Congress

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One of my responsibilities with Congresspedia is to write weekly preview and review posts covering what Congress is up to. My latest post is online:

The same fears of recession that are fueling quick Congressional action on an economic stimulus package are also forcing President Bush to submit a budget that trims spending on popular programs. However, despite any belt-tightening, the stimulus package will likely push the budget deficit to $400 billion, the highest since 2004 (though lower in real terms due to inflation) ((see Dean Baker for an explanation)) and a figure that will tie lawmakers’ hands heading into the 2008 elections.

The preview posts contain a list of committee hearings for the coming week, which are always a chore to dig up. Fortunately, our intrepid interns Sam and Ken helped work on that end this morning.

Due to the makeup of Congresspedia (though I work for the Sunlight Foundation, I report to Conor Kenny, a Center for Media and Democracy employee), the permalinks direct to Conor’s blog. However, you can always see the latest entries on the Congresspedia front page.

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