Richardson’s got his traveling shoes on

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According to Shailagh Murray over at the Washington Post’s “The Trail” blog, Bill Richardson has been making the rounds in Iowa lately:

New Mexico Bill Richardson has barnstormed 95 of Iowa’s 99 counties, wooing rural Democrats with his pro-gun record and urban caucus goers with his aggressive Iraq withdrawal plan. He has fielded questions on every imaginable subject, from term limits to the space station. The Richardson style is frank but casual. He leans forward in his cowboy boots, fists jammed in his suit pocket.

It also looks like he isn’t pulling any punches:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other D.C. Democrats are as unpopular in the Hawkeye state as President Bush. Richardson said an “anti-Washington dysfunctional relationship-feeling” pervades the Iowa landscape and that the Democratic Congress has been a huge disappointment, by failing to end the war or find common ground with Republicans on a whole host of important issues. “We all worked to elect them, and nothing’s getting done. The partisanship continues,” said Richardson, summing up the mood.

Thanks to TAPPED for the link.

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