FISA shenanigans

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The first two paragraphs in Christy Hardin Smith’s latest post on the FISA legislation are chilling:

Yesterday evening, the Progressive Caucus had a closed-door meeting with the Democratic Leadership and the entire Democratic Caucus in the House — Speaker Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emanuel, among others. My understanding is that the Progressive Caucus met with Rep. Conyers — who heads the House Judiciary Committee at 6:30 pm ET, and then the whole caucus met with the leadership afterward around 7 pm ET.

The weird thing is that an AP article hit the wires (H/T to TPM for grabbing the wire piece) at 6 pm ET with quotes from Steny Hoyer regarding the possible need to cut a deal with the Bush WH on retroactive immunity for the telecom companies in order to get FISA legislation passed.

Talk about bad timing. There was some more movement on FISA today; for more info, try here and here.

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