Two Hours

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So, a significant portion of my job requires working on the IT infrastructure at the office, something I’ve never done in an “official” capacity before. I’m pretty familiar with both Windows and Mac OS X ((pre-order Panther if you want to be able to create new Windows partitions on your Mac using Boot Camp)), and I’m fairly fluent in most of the technologies we use. Still, I’ve never had to manage any of those before, outside of what I’ve done with home networking and my Web site.

So, when our phone system went down on Friday morning, I was in for a good run of trial by fire.

Long story short, I had to take the phone server offline and reboot the system. Sounds easy enough, right? Turns out it was, but getting there took an hour-and-a-half of investigation and half-measures to make sure somebody could answer the calls coming in on one of the 6 phones that were working.

Still, Friday morning was an interesting one for me.

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