They’re wrong because I say so

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I’m still adjusting to the morning thing (more specifically, the “I don’t get to sit here and do nothing anymore” part of it), so I guess I’ll just flag something for you that I meant to blog about last week. Heath Haussamen has been following up on the CREW allegations that Rep. Steve Pearce didn’t disclose a stock sale back in 2003:

But the group’s first allegation, made Tuesday when CREW released its list of the 22 most corrupt members of Congress, is that Pearce failed to report on a public financial disclosure form the fact that he sold the assets of Lea Fishing Tools, Inc. to Key Energy Services for more than 540,000 shares of stock in 2003. The group says Pearce was required to report the sale and his failure to do so likely violated the Ethics in Government Act.

I touched on this last week, but Haussamen has been working the phones trying to get a response from the Congressman. What happened?

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., is still refusing to explain why a watchdog group’s accusation that he failed to report a financial transaction he was required to disclose is false.

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