The Bike Ride


Only in the City
For the first time in a long time, I went on a lengthy bike ride today. I’m not sure of the complete distance (my best estimation on Google Maps is just shy of 5 miles). It was fun, and exhilarating, and I’m entirely out of shape.

I should have known: I’ve been doing an incredible amount of walking lately, most of the time with a full Camelback and my camera gear, but the muscles associated with walking and cycling are, of course, different. Thankfully, I wasn’t tired due to the exercise itself (and, as an added bonus my asthma didn’t make an appearance) but because my legs gave out on me. I was glad to turn back when I did: I might have been walking my bike part of the way if I hadn’t.

I have to say: I miss the dirt trails in Silver City that were accessible on my mountain bike within 3 minutes of riding, but the cycling routes here are amazing. There’s a fairly huge network which extends beyond D.C. all the way past Mt. Vernon. Nice cushy pavement. Lots of fellow riders.

Oh, and another thing: the sign above is not one I would have come across while in Silver City. It was a welcome sight.

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