When will it end?

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Well, once again, Mario Burgos and I agree on something:

It hasn’t yet been made public, but I believe that Governor Bill Richardson may be working on setting a new record for the Guinness Book of World Records. Richardson has already been widely recognized for his record breaking handshaking. Now, he diligently working on setting the record for the most retractions made by a candidate during a Presidential campaign

He’s talking, of course, about Richardson’s comment on the Iowa caucuses, when he implied a higher power was behind the state’s place on the primary calender. However, rather than retract the comment, it looks like Bill is going on the offensive:

At a campaign stop Wednesday at Horne’s Country Buffet, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson struck back at prominent liberal blogs that yesterday called Richardson a “buffoon” and claimed the New Mexico governor is “not ready for prime time.”

“Bloggers can say whatever they want, but I care about the voters,” Richardson told CNN.

Richardson can think about voters all he wants, but primary voters have long been the most active and most dedicated to the party, and they’re the ones who pay attention this early in the game (even if this isn’t as early as it used to be, thanks to everybody moving the calender around). Bloggers, believe it or not, are a subset of that group. If some of the “influential” bloggers are calling out Richardson’s foot-in-mouth disease, it has to be on other people’s (read: voters) minds as well.

Hat tip to Election Central for the link.

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