Escalation: Hangman

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Scenes of death depicted in the Baltimore Motor Vehicle Administration office while Meredith and I played hangman: ((In our defense, we spent four hours waiting for plates/registration and a driver’s license))

  • The traditional structure: four lines (as seen here)
  • The structure drawn on a small box
  • The structure drawn above a trapdoor
  • The structure drawn above a trapdoor, with an executioner present
  • The structure drawn with a crowd in the foreground
  • A guillotine (complete with basket) ((At this stage, we began to take the concept a little too far))
  • An electric chair
  • A firing squad (with brick wall)
  • A submerged car
  • Armageddon (four stick-figure horsemen, present and accounted for)
  • A pirate ship (with plank and sharks circling below)
  • The rancor pit in Jabba’s palace
  • Train tracks and locomotive
  • A tsunami
  • A rocket ship being pulled into a star
  • The world of Super Mario Bros.

Most difficult words used during the game:

Yeah, I mispelled “chocolate.” I’m not sure if that round was harder for me or Meri.

Amazingly, the only time one of the stick-figures died was when I correctly solved a word, and Meredith killed off my guy anyway.

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