DCCC continues attack on Heather Wilson

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is releasing another radio add targeting Rep. Heather Wilson (and 11 other vulnerable GOP incumbents) over Iraq. According to Election Central:

A new radio ad that has just been launched by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that is set to run in the districts of 12 vulnerable Republicans. “This August we’re going district by district to urge Republicans to stop obstructing progress and work with us to end the war in Iraq,” says DCCC chair Chris Van Hollen.

You can hear the ad (and see the other Republicans being targeted) by clicking through to the Election Central site. The ad should be aired in Wilson’s district throughout August.

This is not the first time Wilson has been singled out by the DCCC — in April, the organization blasted the Albuquerque Republican over her role in the U.S. Attorney scandal.

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