Heather Wilson and New Mexico

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Heath Haussamen noted that Rep. Heather Wilson spent the day in Las Cruces, following on the heels of a visit to Rep. Tom Udall’s district. Las Cruces is, of course, Rep. Steve Pearce’s district. Heath cut straight to the chase:

She is – or at least, until the U.S. attorney controversy broke, was – the heir apparent for the GOP nomination to succeed Pete Domenici as U.S. senator. Her visits to Udall’s district had many wondering whether she knew something about Domenici’s 2008 plans that others did not.

Of course, Domenici has long insisted he’s going to run again, leaving many to question why Wilson is trotting all over the state. With Republicans up in arms every time Bill Richardson leaves the state (whether he’s campaigning or negotiating with North Korea or whatever), I’m expecting we’ll soon hear crickets their outrage over Wilson’s trips outside her district.

Regardless, I’m also wondering why she’s outside her district, especially in light of this recent Cook Report (PDF), listing her seat as one of those in play in the 2008 election (thanks to Election Central for the link). After the close call she experienced in the 2006 election, one would think she might want to focus on things a little more close to home.

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