More on the bees


I’ve mentioned em before (as has NewMexiKen) but Meredith sent along this article from the Washington City Paper. It’s been the best to date:

But it’s not bananas making bees crazy on a global scale. The heart of the question seems to be: Is [Colony Collapse Disorder] something correctable—if we stop trucking bees cross-country and feeding them Oreo filling and having them pollinate crops chocked full of pesticides, will they stop dying? Or have we set something larger in motion that doesn’t just affect the bees directly under human stewardship, but bees everywhere? And who’s next? Other insects, mammals, and eventually humans?

The best line, however, reminded me of Meri’s impending move to Baltimore, and her two cats:

Anyone who’s ever taken a cat to the vet, much less cross-country, knows that most animals do not like car rides.