Friday Flickr Dump: Site Improvements Edition

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I’ve spent some time this week trying to work on the site code here at LFSC and implemented a bunch of improvements today. First and foremost is the Flickr Photo Album Plugin, developed by Tan Tan Noodles ((No, I’m not making the name up)). Since I’ve started using Flickr I’ve discovered I love the interface and the networking, especially with my fellow New Mexico photographers ((New Mexico Photographs by New Mexico Photographers)).

So, the plugin allows you to import your Flickr sets as photo albums on your WordPress blog. As a result, the “Photography” link at the top of my blog now directs you here, with my latest photos at the top. It also makes it easy to drop your Flickr photos into your posts. Here are a few from the previous week:

Box Canyon Approach

Blue Eyes

Rodeo II Rodeo VII

Other site improvements include the addition of footnotes ((WordPress footnotes plugin)) (thanks to John) and tools to print and e-mail blog posts ((courtesy of Lester Chan)) (just look under the post title for the icons and links).

Finally, since the upgrade to WordPress 2.2 ((WordPress Upgrades)), the site has been running slow at times ((The K2 architecture was loading external files twice)). I think I have that taken care of. Let me know if you have any problems with the site ((Aside from the ludicrous number of footnotes)). Otherwise, I’ll see you on Monday ((I’m going to Alamogordo this weekend)).

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