I’d beat a Jeopardy! champion if…

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Or, Categories Which I Believe Would Lead to My Victory over Ken Jennings (meme from McSweeney’s, via Slowly Going Bald):

  1. Modern Trombone Slide Positions
  2. Rattlesnakes of the American Southwest
  3. WordPress CSS Encoding
  4. Organic, Chinese Teas
  5. Mitigating Feline-related Allergies
  6. Cooking with Green Chile
  7. Rationalizing the Purchase of Small, Homeless Animals
  8. Current Prices of Prime Lenses for Canon Digital SLRs
  9. Structural Engineering of Paper-based Desktop Piles
  10. Restaurants and Bars in Silver City, New Mexico with Stuffed Animal Mascots

UDPATE: June 4, 11:14 a.m. —  Categories in Which Ken Jennings Would Kick My Butt:

  1. The Correct Spelling of the Title of the Show Jeopardy! (now fixed in the title of this post).

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