Reporter’s Notebook: More on the injunction hearing


You can find my and Meredith’s story on the public hearing here (PDF). I just had a few observations from the hearing:

  1. It seemed as though Doug Littlejohn, the GRIP lawyer, was almost trying to purposefully antagonize District Judge J.C. Robinson. After Robinson made a point of saying he had viewed a video of the Morenci smokestacks demolition, Littlejohn insisted on playing it for the court.
  2. During an exchange with John Zamar, the Phelps Dodge head of demolishing obsolete buildings (not his actual title), Littlejohn questioned why a hotline — to be manned by PD spokesman Richard Peterson — was established Tuesday, when Peterson was in court Wednesday morning. Robinson halted the questioning, saying “This is getting us nowhere, and your questions are borderline facetious.”

Finally, the quote of the day came after Zamar was excused as a witness. As he left the stand and walked toward the exit he knocked over a microphone stand, breaking a piece. Robinson:

“Can I file a claim against Phelps Dodge for that?”

Hopefully, this will give you a little indication of the courtroom atmosphere.

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