Richardson working to capitalize on Iowa gains

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According to the Des Moines Register (hat tip to Election Central), Gov. Bill Richardson will increase his spending on advertising in Iowa after a recent poll showed him breaking into double-digit support:

The Iowa Poll released Sunday showed Richardson had 10 percent support among likely Democratic caucus participants. John Edwards led with 29 percent, followed by Barack Obama with 23 percent and Hillary Clinton with 21 percent. Three other candidates trailed with 3 percent or less.

Richardson has been running an unconventional TV spot in Iowa that shows him interviewing for president as though he were a person applying for a job. The advertisement is intended to focus on his experience as a seven-term congressman, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, secretary of energy and New Mexico’s two-term governor.

The ads have made waves online as well, and Big Bill is moving to keep the upward momentum going:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Monday he plans to step up his Iowa campaign and increase his spending on TV advertising in the state in the wake of a new Iowa Poll that shows he has double-digit support as a Democratic presidential candidate.

“I am very encouraged because it shows that our grass-roots campaigning and our TV ads are creating some momentum,” said Richardson, who had been in the single digits in some other earlier surveys.

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