Thursday Flickr Dump: Fort Bayard Edition Part II

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Rainbows over Fort BayardHaving photographed a wedding this weekend, and then missing work on Monday, I’ve been in a perpetual state of catch-up all week. So, sorry for the light posting; I hope to come back from the upcoming weekend recharged and ready to blog.

Anyhoo, Meredith had to drive out to Fort Bayard recently for work, and it was the first time she had been to the historic site. She expressed a desire to spend some more time there, so I suggested we take our cameras for an afternoon. It’s been two months since I last went to Fort Bayard for some photography (see here), and daylight savings time has since kicked in. The weather was also very cooperative: an approaching thunderstorm meant for variable lighting conditions, allowing for a fair amount of experimentation. Oh, and there were rainbows.

Well, you know the drill: click for larger versions and for descriptions.


Timeless Stumped No. 42

Sunny Side Left

Satellite Age Grin Ladder