Domenici’s name comes up again in Iglesias firing scandal

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Via TPM comes this post over at Muckraker:

Here’s another new document from the ones released today. And it’s a good one.
They are two pages of handwritten notes, apparently taken by Monica Goodling — the now former Justice Department official who’s pled the Fifth. The notes appear to have emerged from a brainstorming session on justifications for firing the U.S. attorneys in early February of this year.

At the top of the first page, for instance, is a one word question: “Reasons?”

So, where does Sen. Pete Domenici enter the picture?

Under the reasons for firing David Iglesias, Goodling writes: “Domenici says he doesn’t move cases.”

That would be Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM). Now, as has been demonstrated, there was a particular variety of case that Domenici wanted Iglesias to move faster on — corruption investigations into Democrats. Domenici called Iglesias shortly before the election last November to ask if Iglesias was going to bring an indictment on such a case sometime soon.

More over at TPM Muckraker, so check it out.

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