Iglesias story keeps snowballing

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The Justice Department just can’t catch a break on this scandal. According to TPM Muckraker, the Office of Special Counsel is launching an investigation to see if Iglesias was wrongly fired for his Naval Reserve Duty:

When Justice Department official William Moschella was asked why the Department had fired U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, he told Congress that “Iglesias had delegated to his first assistant the overall running of the office. And, quite frankly, U.S. attorneys are hired to run the office.” Internal documents from the time show officials planning to accuse Iglesias of being an “absentee landlord” to justify his firing.

Iglesias did, in fact, leave the office for 45 days each year. But that’s because he’s a a captain in the Navy Reserve — something that was no secret to his superiors.

So now the Office of Special Counsel is investigating whether Iglesias was wrongfully terminated due to his reserve duty, Newsweek reports. It is against the law for employers to discriminate against members of the U.S. military.

Like I said, it just keeps getting worse. The lie Bush Co. told to cover up Sen. Pete Domenici’s political reasons for Iglesias being fired is now the impetus behind a new investigation.

As if that wasn’t enough, NMFBIHOP has linkage to two new stories detailing Domenici’s and Rep. Heather Wilson’s involvement in Iglesias’ firing:

It’s good to remember that the political firestorm that Sen. Pete Domenici and Rep. Heather Wilson find themselves in the middle of is not just a local issue. While the Washington DC insiders are not always on top of things that are important to those outside the beltway, in this case, they are keeping the story of David Iglesias in the news.  Or rather, the role of Domenici and Wilson in the story of Iglesias.

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