Digby: New Mexico Swift Boats

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Over at Hullabaloo, we see a little more info on some radio ads that are hitting the waves here in the Land of Enchantment:

Well it looks like the Rovian character assassins have decided it’s time to go after the US Attorneys. Here’s a new attack ad playing on New Mexico radio stations.

The ad:

Former US Attorney David Iglesias wonders why he was fired. He says it was politics. Well, let’s look at the facts.

Iglesias brags he won a huge corruption case but he cut sweetheart deals with those involved and then lost 23 of 24 counts at trial (voices: NOT GUILTY!)

In 2004 3000 suspect voter registration forms turned up. But Iglesias did nothing even when a crack dealer was busted with them and even when political operatives took the fifth and refused to testify about their fraud. David Iglesias just looked the other way.

No wonder a criminal defense lawyer just praised him. He let her client walk.

While he looked the other way on fraud, Iglesias did prosecute a girl for putting bubble gum on a speeding ticket and he did find time to take dozens of taxpayer funded junkets around the world.

Meanwhile his own prosecutors criticized him and a former state supreme court judge publicly called him an ingrate.

Now Iglesias is even trying to play the race card.

David Iglesias. He still can’t figure out why he was fired.

C’mon David, isn’t it obvious?

I’m actually surprised it took this long. Back on March 5, we had already seen the beginning of it:

The campaign to discredit Iglesias has already begun — New Mexico bloggers Mario Burgos and Whitney Cheshire struck the first blows in this state.

Regardless, Digby has the goods on where the funding for the new radio ads came from:

This was put together by a group called New Mexicans For Honest Courts. (You can hear the ad at the web site.) They appear to have been around since 2004 and look to be one of those rightwing groups that have sprung up in states all over the country to protest “activist judges.” It’s hard to know where they got the money for this ad since it looks like they didn’t file a PAC report since July of 2006. Maybe some “angel” just came to town.

Hot diggity: I guess Digby doesn’t know where the money came from. For that matter, does New Mexicans For Honest Courts?

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