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Josh Marshall:

David Iglesias says Pete Domenici called him at home to specifically ask about the New Mexico public corruption investigation of a Democrat and whether the indictments would be filed before November.

When Iglesias said no, Domenici said he was very sorry to hear that and hung up the phone, according to Iglesias.

Iglesias said he felt pressured by Domenici and “leaned on.” The call made him “sick,” Iglesias told the committee, noting that it was “unprecedented” for him to get a call from a member of Congress at home.

Two weeks earlier, Iglesias had received a call from Rep. Heather Wilson while he was in a DC hotel room on DOJ business. That call was also brief, and Iglesias said Wilson asked whether there were any “sealed indictments.” Iglesias demurred, and the call ended with Wilson saying she guessed she would have to take his word for it and the call ended, according to Iglesias.

Heath Haussamen has been liveblogging the hearing, while TPM Muckraker has several video clips and more info.

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