Reporter’s Notebook: Gas Prices


Every once in awhile, one of the newsroom staff members falls ill. It happens, like any other workplace. Today, it was our editor, who left mid-morning to visit the doctor.

That means it fell on me to design/paginate today’s front page.

I love doing layout — Adobe InDesign makes it easy simplifies the process, and it’s a nice change of pace from just writing all the time. It’s still stressful, though, like trying to build a puzzle whose pieces don’t have a set shape and can change during the procedure.

Today my colleague Meredith Purvis penned a thorough piece on the opening day of a murder trial. I had coverage of last night’s Silver City Town Council meeting, and Mary Alice Murphy reports on rising gas prices.

MAM’s article was groundbreaking because, for the first time, local gas retailers spoke on the record about pricing. You’ll have to wait for the article to appear online tonight to find out what they had to say, but I do have one treat for you:

Average Gas Prices

You may want to click through to see the larger version, but that is the average gas price locally, statewide and nationwide for the past three years. It’s interesting in a “huh” kind of way, since the “Silver City” and “New Mexico” lines don’t ever track far from the national average.

Unfortunately, the information didn’t arrive in time for publication, but I wanted to pass the data along anyway.