Fired U.S. Attorney for New Mexico says politics to blame

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The news is not good for Replubicans:

The U.S. attorney from New Mexico who was recently fired by the Bush administration said Wednesday that he believes he was forced out because he refused to rush an indictment in an ongoing probe of local Democrats a month before November’s Congressional elections.

David Iglesias said two members of Congress separately called in mid October to inquire about the timing of an ongoing probe of a kickback scheme and appeared eager for an indictment to be issued on the eve of the elections in order to benefit the Republicans. He refused to name the members of Congress because he said he feared retaliation.

Two months later, on Dec. 7, Iglesias became one of six U.S. attorneys ordered to step down for what administration officials have termed “performance-related issues.” Two other U.S. attorneys also have been asked to resign.
(emphasis mine)

Via Talking Points Memo, whose Muckrackers are already at work trying to identify the two Congressional Republicans (Rep. Steve Pearce already said “It wasn’t me!”).

I’ve blogged about this before.

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