The Richardson Campaign Trail

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We’ve already talked about Gov. Bill Richardon’s travel plans for New Hampshire (during the latter part of this week), but what about other stops on the trail? According to The Tufts Daily:

“I still have my legislature here in New Mexico that I have to deal with,” he said. The body adjourns in the middle of March.

By that time Richardson will have already taken several steps to drum up support for his candidacy. This week he will travel to New Hampshire, and next week he will stop in Iowa.

Because of their early spots on the primary calendar, these states hold special importance and Richardson will be competing with several other hopefuls to win the hearts and minds of their voters.

While in New Hampshire and Iowa, Richardson will likely emphasize what has been the focal point of his campaign: his experience, particularly with international relations.
(emphasis mine)

So, looks like he’s making a quick trip to Iowa, before heading to San Fransisco on the 20th:

Up here that day, New Mexico’s Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson will be the featured guest at a fundraising lunch hosted at the Battery Street law office of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein.

So, I guess Richardson will return to New Mexico mid-week, unless there are other stops we don’t know about yet.

The Tufts Daily article has some good info on Richardson and the issues.

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