Two years is plenty of time to keep screwing things up

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Digby on Iran:

I feel, once again, as if I’m watching this take place under water. It’s all there, I can see it, but it’s all a bit distorted and everything is moving in slow motion. I’m screaming, but it comes out muffled and imprecise. The Bush administration is provoking a war with Iran, in real time, on television and we are just watching it happen.

This whole Iran thing seems to have come out of nowhere during the last few weeks, but Josh might be right about the reasoning behind all of this:

This is the hinge on which everything now turns. Bush doesn’t want to be to blame for the mess in Iraq. So it has to be Iran. There’s a bright line leading from the crisis of accountability to the next stage of strategic disaster.

Will Bush will do anything and everything (including attack Iran) to avoid taking responsibility for his presidency the November elections the mess in Iraq?

Cheney is the final sacrifice — the last layer between Bush and the disapproving public, the skeptical media, and the angry Democrats. In one sense, having him there has always provided Bush a human (and humanizing-by-contrast) buffer against the hordes who oppose him and his policies. To sacrifice Cheney is therefore to have sunk to but one level above the very bottom, the core of the presidency itself. When Cheney goes on television, as he did last week with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, proclaiming the Iraq war a success, he demonstrates that he is either (a) unhinged from reality; or (b) playing a willing role in his own, inevitable discrediting and marginalization.

Under either scenario, his neck is moving slowly but inevitably toward the noose. Somebody, after all, has to pay for the complete collapse of the Republican majority and the conservative agenda. And since Bush himself has never paid the price of his own failures in life, it is Cheney who will pay for them next.

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