More on the Richardson announcement

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Heath Haussamen has the goods:

Richardson said he will be able to compete with the star power of candidates like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“I will outwork anybody. I’m a westerner. I’m a governor. Governors have good records in being elected president because we balance budgets, we deal with health care, with education,” he said. “I believe I can be competitive in raising money.”

“The next president must be able to make us energy independent, must be able to make schools better, create jobs, give the American people, every American, a fair shot,” he told Stephanopoulos. “To get that done, you need real-life experience. All I’m saying is, a lot of these folks can make speeches about all these things. I’ve actually done it.”

Go check out Heath’s place, where you’ll find video and interview transcripts as well.

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