Sudan rebel group says it did not agree to a cease fire, despite Richardson claims

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I first saw this on, though it looks like the Associated Press is involved as well:

A Darfur rebel group denies it agreed to a cease-fire with the Sudanese government during a meeting this week with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

The leader of the Justice and Equality Movement rebels—Abdullahi el-Tom—says his group has not been officially consulted about a cease-fire.

The Justice and Equality Movement says its meeting with Richardson was too brief to reach a truce, and it says there cannot be a truce as long as the government continues its violence and arms a militia group accused of atrocities in Darfur.

In a statement issued Friday, Richardson said, “President Bashir and the rebel leaders I spoke with made a clear commitment to a 60-day cease fire. I am pleased that last night the Government of Sudan reiterated that commitment.

“Additionally, the rebel leaders confirmed their agreement to a cease fire in front of members of our delegation and the press,” the statement continued.

“Nonetheless I do expect glitches like this down the road. It is now up to the UN and the AU [African Union] to serve as effective mediators and work out these differences. I am confident however that the commitment to a cease fire will hold.”

Richardson issued a statement Wednesday with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, saying both sides in the Darfur conflict had agreed to a 60-day cease-fire.

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