Whither the Richardson anouncement, part infinity

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Heath Haussamen discusses the possibility that the Governor will announce before the end of the month, but not necessarily before the legislative session next week:

Gov. Bill Richardson may not announce whether he’ll run for president before the Legislature convenes on Tuesday, but he will make an announcement before the end of the month, his 2006 re-election campaign manager said.

Richardson had previously told at least two state media outlets that he would make a decision before the start of the session. But Amanda Cooper said today that Richardson will make a decision “sometime in January.”

Well, I’ve talked about a Richardson announcement being overshadowed in the past, but that puts the event in the same time frame as the State of the Union address, among other things. And what’s this I see at TMP Election Central:

Hillary To Base Campaign Near Washington, D.C.; Will Announce “In The Next Several Weeks”

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