Golden Globes my foot

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I have to second Sarah’s comments:

Two words for TV: Battlestar Galactica! Heroes is not half as inspiring, hard-core, or brilliant… Where’s the love for Edward James Olmos? Mary McDonnell? You cut me deep, HFPA. You cut me deep. — Sarah

I’ve mentioned BSG on this blog before, but I’ll say it again: it’s the best show I watch, and I’m not alone in that assessment.

Dan Carlson:

I’ve been writing about the wonder that is “Battlestar Galactica” for a while now, and this season I’ve become more convinced than ever that it’s one of the greatest shows on TV. And it’s not just the show’s willingness to explore the dark side of humanity that keeps me riveted, but how the stories manage to marry that darkness with a sense of honor, and hope, and unrelenting struggle against impossible odds.

In only the first 11 episodes of its third season, “Battlestar Galactica” has gone through more upheaval and turmoil than other shows would dare pack into an entire year.

Kung Fu Monkey:

Not part of the original post, but Jesus Haploid Christ, that is some damn fine televisioning that deserves remarking upon. Consider it remarked. Watch the box sets, catch the new eps. That’s how you go about the business of televising.

And somehow, the show was completely snubbed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

I call foul.

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