Will a Richardson announcement be overshadowed?

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With Bill Richardson expected to announce in the next 10 days whether he’ll run for president, I’m starting to wonder about his choice of time frame. Next week, Democrats in the House will be looking to push their “First 100 Hours” agenda, which includes:

  • Tuesday, January 9 – Implement the 9/11 Commission Recommendations
  • Wednesday, January 10 – Increase the Minimum Wage
  • Thursday, January 11 – Expand Stem Cell Research
  • Friday, January 12 – Allow Negotiation for Lower Prescription Drug Costs
  • Wednesday, January 17 – Cut Interest Rates on Student Loans
  • Thursday, January 18 – End Subsidies for Big Oil and Invest in Renewable Energy

Don’t expect the Senate to sit back and relax either.

Meanwhile, President Bush is expected to announce his “new” strategy for political gain plan for victory in Iraq next week.

Where does that leave Richardson? Well, John Edwards’ announcement in New Orleans played second fiddle to the death of Gerald Ford (and a fluke on Edwards’ campaign site). And, though New Mexico media outlets will surely be all over any Richardson news, this is the type of event you want covered on a national scale. With so much other news happening, I wonder if a Richardson announcement wont be overshadowed.

Ideally, he might announce on the 15th, the day before the start of New Mexico’s legislative session. That might give Richardson (and his legislative agenda) a boost of momentum heading into the 60-day session, and avoid conflicts with other news events.

All of this is speculation, of course, and, if Richardson chooses not to run, won’t matter anyway.

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