Kilbourne Hole part 2

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Yesterday I had a few photos up from my trip to Kilbourne Hole on Saturday. I said more were on the way, and here they are:


This was as far north as we traveled, and there is an entire section of the crater (stretching west) that we simply didn’t even see. Next time, we said.

Kilbourne non-basalt

Here we see a section of the southern rim that is not dominated by the massive basalt blocks which are prevalent throughout Kilbourne Hole. These sedimentary sections are easily disturbed by wind and water, yet we never found any exposed “bombs” (probably because it was too close to the road).

Finally, here’s Joe and Meri, my cohorts for the afternoon. She’s absolutely going to kill me for this, but, yes, her shirt does indeed say “dork.”

Joe and Merideth

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