Local Winners, more to follow

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OK, just to get this out there for those who are wondering:

Grant County Sheriff

Raul Holguin (D): 3,958 58.64%
James Koons (R): 2,792 41.36%

(I have to say, I didn’t think this race would be such a blowout. Bully came close to 60%, despite the negative campaign (on both sides) and with Koons outspending him.)

Grant County Commission, District 2
Rodolpho Martinez (D): 1,520 58.33%
Diana Garretson (R): 1,086 41.67%

Grant County Assessor
Randy Villa (D): 4,218 63.27%
Lucy Whitmarsh (R): 2,449 36.73%

Those are the local, contested races. I’m going to grab a bite of dinner, and I’ll be back with more on the Grant County results, along with info on statewide races.

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