(Almost) Final Early Voting Figures

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There was a huge influx of early voters on Friday and Saturday, if you compare the numbers from Thursday to the numbers released by Grant County clerk Howie Morales yesterday:

Grant County Early Voters II
So, it looks like the party breakdown of the early voters remained unchanged, with 66 percent of early voters calling themselves Democrats. Registered Republicans made up 24.6 percent of early voters, while 9.4 percent where registered as independents, greens or something else.

The same pattern holds true for in-person voters, who made up the overwhelming majority of those voting early:

In-Person Voters

The only big change in party breakdown comes from absentee ballots:

Absentee Voters

These numbers do not reflect the final figures for absentee ballots, which can be turned in until 7 p.m. tonight, though the in-person figures are solid. It will be interesting to watch some of the close races, and see if the absentee ballots make much of an impact. They can’t be counted until after 7.

Clerk’s office just told me that early returns should be available shortly. Stay tuned.

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