Campaign finance reports

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In today’s edition of the Silver City Daily Press I have an article on campaign finance reports.

These articles are usually straightforward, as the reports are tailored to be clear. You find expenditures in one section, contributions from individuals and organizations in another, fundraising events in yet another.

I was a bit flummoxed by the report filed by James Koons (who is running for Grant County sheriff) because he listed several “special events,” but didn’t complete a special event worksheet for them. I contacted the state Bureau of Elections in an attempt to speak with somebody regarding Koons’ report, and to see if there was any additional information not included in the online database.

A woman there told me that “the person who handles ethics” is out of the office this week, so my questions will have to wait until Monday for resolution. However, here’s a link to the candidate reports Web site, where you can download copies of the reports I referenced in the article.

As a further note, after discussing the issue with my colleagues in the office, I decided not to contact the candidates mentioned in the article. Earlier this year, when a candidate questioned what we wrote about campaign finances, our rebuttal was simple: we reported the information the candidate submitted to the Bureau of Elections. We took a similar stand this time around as well.

Finally, I’ll note that not all of the reports for candidates in Grant County have been posted. As they are, we’ll be reporting on them as well.

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