Yay books!

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Thanks to the wonders of Amazon, I received two books today that I hope will help me become a stronger writer.

The first is “Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer.” Its author is Roy Peter Clark, a vice president and senior scholar at the Poynter Institute. Poynter provides a number of invaluable tools for writers and, perhaps more importantly, journalists. I highly recommend their NewsUniversity classes, most of which are offered online.

Anyhoo, Roy’s tips were featured on the Poynter site, before he compiled them into books form. He still manages a Writing Tools blog, which I frequent regularly.

In addition, I grabbed a copy of “Making Important News Interesting,” by Perry Parks. Too often journalists fall into the same old traps when reporting about government and policy, to the detriment to their readers. I’ve done it myself, but I hope to make my stories on local government more engaging for our readers.

If you click those links to purchase the books, a small donation will be made to Poynter itself. You’ll be helping make journalism and reporting in America better for everybody if you do.

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