Jim Baca in Silver City tonight

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Democrat candidate for State Land Commissioner Jim Baca will be in the area this evening. He’ll be at Steve and Denise Blake’s Pinos Altos home, starting at 6:30 p.m. Albuquerque blogger Johnny Mango had a good post about Jim at the Duke City Fix site earlier this week:

He pointed to the Sandia Mountains on the horizon and said this, “Notice how there aren’t houses going half-way up the mountain. Notice how the mansions of the rich aren’t up there looking down on the rest of us like they do in Phoenix. That is because in the seventies the city commission had the foresight to ensure that our mountain would remain ours forever.” I guess it is that kind of long-range vision that seldom gets noticed. Maybe that is what McGivern meant by Baca being “the kind of person we all say we want in office but very rarely get.”

In any case, Baca reiterated he gets no money from big oil and gas…”and frankly, they don’t want to give me any.” That got a laugh. He went on to talk about how we must inevitably get away from our oil and gas addiction. I know a lot of people say that, but Jim Baca will figure out a way to make a difference in that area…like alternative energy approaches that use reputable companies. One of the greatest scams in the energy business is to give projects like that to companies that are going to fail. And who do you think benefits? Yes, big oil…see the Lyons list of contributors above.

Donations are recomended to attend the party, but I know you can show your support just by attending. RSVP to Mike at 388-2710.

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