Figures released for other state races

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(For my post on the NM-01 Congressional race, click here. For my post on the NM-02 Congressional race, click here).

We’ve got info on five more New Mexico races, so I’ll get right to it. One of the few really competitive races is that for state land commissioner, featuring incumbent Pat Lyons and challenger Jim Baca (himself a former commissioner). Lyons is the only Republican incumbent for statewide office.

The ABQ Journal released numbers on the race yesterday that show Baca sporting a 5-point lead (41-36) over Lyons. Three factors were highlighted in the article:

  1. Voters are split along party lines
  2. Women favor Baca, while men trended toward Lyons
  3. Hispanics overwhelmingly supported Baca, while Anglos went for Lyons

There’s a still a large percentage of undecided voters in this race, and the recent news about Lyons’ touted solar development plant near Deming likely didn’t impact the numbers (the poll methodology was not reported, but I think it was completed before the story broke). As that story gets more play, I imagine Baca will pick up a few more points.

In other races, Gov. Bill Richardson leads John Dendahl 57-28; Sen. Jeff Bingaman is cruising to a victory over Farmington doctor Allen McCulloch 62-17; Rep. Tom Udall has an ever wider margin over Ron Dolin, with a 71-18 lead. In a (somewhat) tighter race, Gary King is ahead of Jim Bibb for the attorney general position, 47-27.

I’m going to send you to Heath Haussaman and Joe Monahan for more on these races. They’ve blogged a bit about each, and there’s not much to add to the numbers — these Dems are on their way to victory.

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