Armijo out of the race? Who knows?!

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Heath Haussaman comes up with the news and anaylsis regarding this afternoon’s events in the state auditor race:

Democrat Jeff Armijo recanted today an earlier pledge to withdraw from the race for state auditor, but state officials say it’s too late.

Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron announced late Tuesday that, though Armijo refused to file a formal letter announcing his withdrawal, she considered a news release he put out on Aug. 29 announcing his departure an official notice, according to the Associated Press.

“I accepted that withdrawal and the Democratic Party central committee has already been notified they will be meeting to select a candidate,” Vigil-Giron told the Associated Press. “He is not on the ballot.”

We’ll see. Armijo could sue. So could the Republican Party. The disarray this situation has created in the Democratic Party must be a dream come true for them and their auditor candidate, Lorenzo Garcia.

After the good news for Democrats we saw recently, this stings.

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